For the 2017-2018 school year the LVEPC is in the process of setting up an online directory.  Invitations have been sent out to all email addresses we have.  Here is a short video illustrating the registration process:  Please make sure you are happy with your families information as this is what will be published in the online directory.  If you have any questions please email:

Setting up your Profile

The directory will use the information you have setup in your profile.  Review and add information about yourself, family, and student.  After you have received an email invitation go to our site ( and click the "Profile/Register" link to sign in and review your families information.

Finding Other Families via App

Go to the App Store and download the PTOffice app.  When you launch the app it will ask you to sign-in.  The directory is available under the Members button.

Finding Other Families via Web

Use the below search to find other LVEPC families.  You must supply your login info and then you can search all the families in our directory.  Your information is only available to other LVEPC families.

If you have any questions email:

Search LVEPC Families